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Prototype Idea

Meet with our experienced engineers to discuss your project needs and determine the best manufacturing method. Our expertise includes a range of processes and materials, such as carbon fiber and fiberglass, rotational molded polymers, blow and injection molded polymers, sheet metal design, CNC machining, structural and weldment design, finite element analysis, 3D simulation, and metal casting process.

3D Model

Leverage industry-leading Solidworks software to create highly detailed blueprints, dynamic working assemblies, render photorealistic 3D models and presentations, simulate stress and deflection, and develop comprehensive bills of materials with cost analysis. Our engineers can develop all designs to meet the exact requirements of your project.



Partner with other companies to create a prototype that meets your expectations. We collaborate with professionals to provide CAD design, product testing, and fabrication, to ensure the prototype matches your specifications and complies with industry standards.










Prior to batch manufacturing, we will run a series of tests and assessments to ensure that the project meets all requirements. We also conduct product testing to guarantee reliability and performance. We will calculate final costs and provide a complete cost analysis for the project. Additionally, we are experienced in filing patent applications and protecting your intellectual property.



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