Prototype Idea

Sit down with one of our experienced engineers to establish exactly what you need and the best way to manufacture it.

With so many manufacturing techniques, it is essential that we establish a clear path to the desired results. with experience in a wide range of different processes, we can ensure your project will be produced in a timely fashion and within budget.

Common process and materials that we excel in include:

  • Carbon Fibre and fibreglass

  • Rotational molded polymers 

  • Blow and injection molded polymers

  • Sheet metal design

  • Structural and weldment design

  • Finite Element Analysis | 3D Simulation

  • Lost-wax process

3D Model

All are engineers are professionally certified by Solidworks. Solidworks is the industry leading design software used by professionals world wide. Exercising this extremely efficient software allows us to:

  • Create working assemblies of your project.

  • Presentation quality renders & 3D models.

  • Simulate stress and deflection of applied forces.

  • Develop Bill Of Materials and cost analysis.

  • Calculate finished project weights.





Having a working presentable prototype is often an essential leg of any innovative product. We will leverage our existing partnerships to ensure your prototype meets expectations. 










During the final leg of the project we will assess all aspects of the project prior to batch manufacturing. This is where we will make any amendments to design, conduct product testing and final costing.

We also have experience lodging patent applications and protecting intellectual property.